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“The Federation of Motorsports Europe is pleased to announce its new European initiative for amateur motor sports and motorcycle racing.”

Amateurs are interested in enjoying their sport to the max and at affordable costs. Back-to-basics. Of course, without ignoring sportsmanship, safety and environmental interests.

FAME has been created to make this possible. FAME is not focusing on one country only but on all European countries.

As a first step FAME is conducting a selection process for organisors of FAME events. FAME organisors can be companies, clubs, associations or foundations. In parallel, FAME has made a start to select tracks in Europe that are suitable for FAME.

By doing so, FAME is creating a platform consisting of FAME organisors and FAME selected circuits to enable FAME members to pursue their beloved sport.

FAME has arranged a comprehensive package of insurance policies for FAME organisors and FAME members, which are optionally available upon request.

To conclude, the mission of FAME is simple: to facilitate and support racing for amateurs only and in a way as initially intended, more racing, without difficulties and against lower rates.

See you at the FAME tracks!